Converter: Binance Buy Crypto History to Accointing

Since Binance does not expose the Buy Crypto transactions via API, these need to be exported and converted manually.

This tool assists in converting Export Buy History.xlsx to Accointing_template.xlsx


  1. Open, click Export Buy History and follow the instructions to download Export Buy History.xlsx.
  2. Open Export Buy History.xlsx in Word, Open Office or the like.
  3. Select and copy the contents to clipboard (Ctrl+C).
  4. Paste it in the text area below the instruction.
  5. Click the CONVERT Button. The converted table will be appended to the second text area.
  6. Manually verify the conversion and click COPY in order to copy the converted table to the clipboard.
  7. Paste it to Accointing_template.xlsx, verify correctness again and save the file.
  8. Upload the modified Accointing_template.xlsx on Click the edit icon on your Binance Wallet, choose Manually, choose Accointing Template, choose Next and upload the file.


This tools comes with no warranty. Please verify the results and use it on your own risk.

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